Ways To Elevate Your Casual Beach Outfits This Summer

Ways To Elevate Your Casual Beach Outfits This Summer

Did you hear that? Summer is calling, and so is the beach! There’s nothing better than spending the day by the water and embracing the carefree spirit of this warm season. With this comes planning new outfits—especially those chic and breezy beach combinations!

Whether you’re planning a relaxing day on the sand, a fun-filled beach party, or a romantic beach date, having the perfect outfit can make all the difference in your experience. With our incredible ways to elevate your casual beach outfits this summer, you’ll not only look stylish but feel confident, too!

Kimonos or Lightweight Cover-Ups

One of the simplest and most versatile additions to your beach wardrobe is a kimono or lightweight cover-up. These pieces are perfect for throwing on over your swimwear, offering just the right amount of coverage while still keeping you cool. Vibrant prints or delicate lace are popular options that add a touch of elegance to your beach look. Cover-ups are not only stylish but also practical, providing protection from the sun and an extra layer of comfort for those breezy beach days.

Elegant Sarongs and Wraps

Sarongs and wraps are beachwear staples that you can style in multiple ways. Whether you tie them around your waist as a skirt, drape them over your shoulders, or wrap them into a chic dress, sarongs add a layer of sophistication to any beach outfit. Choose from bold colors, tropical prints, or subtle pastels to match your personal style. The best part? Sarongs are lightweight and easy to pack, making them a must-have for any beach outing.

Mixed Patterns and Textures

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and textures to create a unique and eye-catching beach look. Mixing stripes with florals or pairing crochet tops with flowy skirts can add depth and interest to your outfit. The key is to balance the patterns and textures, ensuring they complement rather than clash. For instance, pair a crochet bikini top with high-waisted denim shorts or mix a straw hat with a sleek, minimalist swimsuit.

Tassels and Fringe

Tassels and fringe are playful details that can instantly elevate your beachwear. Look for bikinis with tassel ties, cover-ups with fringe hems, or beach bags adorned with colorful tassels. These fun accents add movement and a bohemian vibe to your outfit, perfectly capturing that laid-back beach spirit. Plus, they’re great for adding a bit of flair to your Instagram beach photos!

Ways To Elevate Your Casual Beach Outfits This Summer

Flattering Swimwear

Of course, the foundation of any beach outfit is the swimwear itself. Investing in flattering swimwear that makes you feel confident is essential. Look for styles that highlight your best features, whether it’s a high-waisted bikini for a retro look, a one-piece with cutouts for a modern twist, or a classic triangle bikini for timeless appeal. Don't be afraid to experiment with different cuts and colors to find the perfect fit for you. And yes, having more than one option to choose from is more than okay!

Comfortable Yet Stylish Footwear

Comfort is key when it comes to beach footwear, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Espadrilles, sandals, and flip-flops are all great options but look for pairs with unique details like metallic finishes, beaded embellishments, or woven textures. Very G sandals are great options that combine comfort with chic design elements, making them ideal for a day at the beach or a casual evening stroll along the shore.

Stylish Hats

A stylish hat is both a fashionable and practical addition to your beach outfit. It offers protection from the sun while adding a touch of glamour to your look. Wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, and boater hats are all excellent choices. Make a statement with hats that feature decorative bands, bows, or even personalized embroidery. Hats are timeless accessories that can be worn year after year, so investing in a high-quality piece is always a good idea.

Statement Sunglasses

No beach outfit is complete without a pair of fabulous sunglasses. Go bold with oversized frames, colorful lenses, or unique shapes that make a statement. Not only will these sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also add a touch of mystery and allure to your look. Whether you prefer classic aviators, retro cat-eyes, or trendy round frames, there's a pair of sunnies out there that will perfectly complement your beach style.

Ways To Elevate Your Casual Beach Outfits This Summer

Chic Beach Bags

A chic beach bag is a must-have for carrying all your seaside essentials. Look for bags that are both functional and fashionable, such as woven totes, straw baskets, or canvas carryalls. Make sure your bag is spacious enough to hold your sunscreen, towel, book, and other beach necessities. Fun details like pom-poms or embroidered designs can add a playful touch to your beach bag, making it a standout accessory.

Layered Jewelry

Layered jewelry can take your beach outfit from simple to stunning. Delicate necklaces, stacked bracelets, and dainty anklets can add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your look. Choose pieces that are made from materials that won’t tarnish or corrode when exposed to water and sand, such as gold-plated metal or stainless steel. Layering different lengths and styles of jewelry can create a chic, bohemian vibe that's perfect for the beach.

Beach-Ready Hair Accessories

Complete your beach look with stylish and practical hair accessories. Headbands, hair scarves, and clips can keep your hair in place while adding a fun, fashionable touch. Choose accessories that match your outfit's color palette or add a pop of contrast. Bejeweled barrettes, bandana headbands, or printed scrunchies can elevate your beach hairstyle, making you feel put together even after a dip in the ocean.

Is the beach calling your name? Use our ways to elevate your casual beach outfits this summer and head over to the sandy shores of your favorite haunt. No matter what you decide, make sure it suits your style and makes you feel confident. The key to beach fashion is to have fun and let your personality shine through.

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