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There are so many ways to style your women’s boutique shorts in the spring and summer. From distressed short shorts to modest Bermudas, Arrow 22 is ready with boutique shorts you need for the shorts season. Think running and workout shorts, including bike shorts, and there are trendy distressed styles with frayed hems, button fronts, bright colors, and so much more.

Picture a relaxing day spent lounging around the house. With our ladies’ shorts for sale, you can pick out a pair of comfy shorts with their convenient drawstring! They’re perfect for getting stuff done while being comfortable. And if you’re going out for a date later, throw on a pair of cute, rolled-hem women’s boutique shorts.

Change it up from day to day, depending on your schedule, your mood, or your plans! Shop ladies’ shorts online today! Whether you’re shopping for women’s shorts online to get ready for a vacation or to revamp your spring and summer wardrobe, we’re here to help! Find exactly what you need in our collection.